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Monday, October 09, 2006

Resources Recovery and Recycling

Kinta Recovery and Recyling (KRR) may be a small set-up by international standard. What amazes me is the way the business model of the company: one that focuses and 'wrapped' around services to humanity and environment.

I remembered reading an inspiration book that foretold: humanity should invest in investments and businesses that will cure the earth - the likes of top soil repair, waste disposal management and recycling, clean water resources etc. I often imagined that it may involved going to hard to find places, looking out for exotic businesses like these. Little did I realised that in Malaysia, a small company like KRR in Ipoh can become a true blue global beater.

It may not be too far fetched if I start to label KRR as a participant or key player in the 'petroleum industry'. Afterall, they should be known as 'petroleum resources recovery and recycling' business. Why? They are very efficient when it comes to recovering the waste plastic bags, and I am not talking about PET bottles which every other business is going after. I am talking about the humble waste plastic bags - yes the shopping bags. KRR had made a name for itself in a very short span of time in Ipoh. Today, they are a leader of plasting recovery, recyling and management.

It will not be long for a company like this to go global, I mean, once their efficiency out-process the waste plastics in the smaller towns. I remembered that cities like Karachi and Lahore are full of plastic waste strewn all along the roads and on empty fields. Perhaps one day the likes of KRR will have operations far beyond ASEAN into these markets. For the time being, the righ management will propel companies like KRR to uncharted heights: a kind of MNC focusing on plastic waste. KRR had just started going international, looking towards future presence in Maldives, Pakistan and Singapore for a start.

The investment into companies like is inexpensive. For USD 1 million, one can easily hold a substantial stake in KRR. In this busines, it is not money that counts. It is the kind of environment consciousness and service to humanity that matters, and money made is just a by-product, albeit a rewarding one that is!