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Saturday, July 07, 2007

NGIP - NexGen Industry Park

When SMEs are struggling to make ends meet, I think something is wrong somewhere. Either these guys have got it all wrong, producing something that no one needs, or they are hosted in a wrong place...

With the numerous feedback received by CommerceNet, sometimes it is not difficult at all to put some basic plan into action. A taskforce comprising of CommerceNet Consulting Partners (CPs) started working on a solution. We codenamed it the NexGen solutions. We are designing some kind of a support network - a kind of 'management software' embedded into an industry park 'hardware'. Here, the focus is on entrepreneur and task centric environment - immersed in a controlled holistic live, work and play environment: technologies, feedback mechanism, business support solutions, data repositories, rapid prototyping and mentoring networks are fused into a seamless package. 

Something as simple as NexGen was often overlooked: our tendency to overcomplicate things did not help. When I fist saw the solutions proposed, i was dumbfounded: there is no rocket science in the whole thing, all existing technologies. Simple things like the tenancy mix is that of a logical business ecosystem. The focus is to overcome the failure often imbued into existing industry park configuration. They had all planned to fail. Some failed to plan. Here, the needs of businesses drive the planning, the needs of coexistence and survivalism determines the deployment of resources. Often this approach outclassed the often abused dictum of competition (and that supposedly resulting efficiency). A whole new way of working and pricing resources result. One that is sustainable, not only for the businesses, but that for the next generation as well. NexGen will someday grow into a powerful franchise. CommerceNet is proud to be associated with it. I am proud to be involved. It is one vision that is more gentle to humanity and also to the mother earth.

Happy Earth Day.